Elden Ring: Best Bleed Weapons (2023)

Elden Ring has a weapon for literally any situation, and any build. Whether you want to weeb out or go full Unga-Bunga, the game has a weapon for you. That being said, as of Patch 1.03, Bleed weapons have seen a huge “buff”, and it’s undeniable that if you want to get powerful fast, you go pick up something serrated.

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There’s one slight issue with that plan, however - what Bleed weapons to use? There are so many weapons with Bleed as standard, and so many weapons that can be customized to become Bleed infused, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The following weapons are a great place to start.

Sword Of Milos

Elden Ring: Best Bleed Weapons (1)

An unusual weapon to start with considering its Bleed isn’t all that great, it’s a slow weapon, it can’t be buffed to increase its Bleed capabilities, and its stats are underwhelming for a weapon of its size. So, why use it?

The Sword Of Milos is a Bleed Weapon that doesn’t just rely on the “gimmick” of Bleed. Not every enemy is susceptible to hemorrhaging, and the Sword Of Milos is effective at killing just about everything thanks to its fantastic Weapon Art - Shriek Of Milos.

Shriek Of Milos lets out a scream that debuffs every enemy in a large AOE. This drastically cuts their Damage Negation, which in turn, makes the Sword of Milos’ low stats seem much more threatening. Not only that, but as this Weapon Art is classified as a Warcry, the ATK stats of the weapon are increased also - making it truly deadly.

Topping off the Sword Of Milos’ list of pros, it also restores FP whenever anything dies. This sustain is not to be underestimated in PVE. It restores so much FP you could easily cut your Cerulean Flasks down, and you’d be fine.

Not the greatest Bleed weapon in the world, by undeniably a fantastic weapon that just so happens to be a Bleed weapon. You can get the Sword Of Milos by going through Dung Eater’s questline.


Elden Ring: Best Bleed Weapons (2)

This is the earliest dedicated Bleed weapon you can find in Elden Ring, and it just so happens to be one of the best. Scaling wonderfully in Dexterity and Arcane from the get-go, this weapon ends up with some pretty hefty scalings at max level.

(Video) New 1.08 INSANE Bleed Build is Actually BROKEN - Roaring Blood = MASSIVE Damage - Best Elden Ring!

Not only that, at level one, Reduvia’s builds bleed as fast as most swords whilst swinging substantially faster, and for less Stamina. This means you can get in, proc bleed, and still have plenty of stamina to dip out before they retaliate.

Topping off Reduvia’s pros is its fantastic Weapon Art. Reduvia Blood Blade launches a small wave of blood that deals fantastic damage, and that fills the enemy's Bleed Gauge more than 2x faster than a regular swing. You can even combo it for multiple projectiles. The only downside is the high FP and Stamina cost.

Overall, Reduvia Blood Blade is a fantastic weapon worth getting. To get the Reduvia you will need to kill Bloody Finger Nerijus, which will also start you down Yura’s questline.

Ghiza’s Wheel

Elden Ring: Best Bleed Weapons (3)

This weapon is truly ridiculous and can make a mockery of many bosses and enemies in Elden Ring. This is a massive hammer that doubles as a chainsaw. This is not an exaggeration. Not only does it have great raw damage potential, but it can build Bleed staggeringly fast.

The reason you pick this bad lad up is to use its Weapon Art, NAME. What this does is rev your spinning blade like a chainsaw and then allows you to walk forwards with a spinning blade of death at the helm. Anything this touches will take repeated hits dealing huge damage, but, in addition, it will rapidly fill their Bleed Gauge.

With a full bar of FP and a spinning Ghiza’s Wheel, you can hemorrhage enemies over, and over again, sometimes preventing them from ever attacking as the actual hemorrhage causes massive stagger on most enemies.

You can get the Ghiza’s Wheel at Volcano Manor, just up the stairs from Lady Tanith. You can get this weapon very early if you skip Stormveil, meet Rya, and then take the alternate entrance to Altus Plateau.

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Bloody Helice

Elden Ring: Best Bleed Weapons (4)
(Video) The New MOST POWERFUL Arcane Weapon Tier List - Best Highest Damage Bleed Weapons in Elden Ring!

The Bloody Helice is a heavy thrusting weapon that rapidly pokes enemies for high damage and pretty decent Bleed build-up. Its strengths, similar to the Sword Of Milos, lie in its moveset, rather than its ability to cause hemorrhaging.

Firstly, its Weapon Art, Dynast's Finesse, is a great evasion tool that can be followed up with a devastatingly powerful thrust. This thrust deals high damage and builds Bleed faster than a regular stab.

But that’s not all, if you are under the effects of Warcry, your Heavy Attack changes properties and becomes a multi-hitting charge attack. Not only does this deal enough damage to one-shot some bosses, but it will also trigger Bleed over, and over again if it hits enough times.

You can grab the Blood Helice from a chest in the Writheblood Ruins.

Hoslow’s Petal Whip + Thorned Whip

Elden Ring: Best Bleed Weapons (5)

It’s time to Power Stance some weapons for incredible gains. Whips in Elden Ring can be brutally effective thanks to their amazing range, fast strikes, and, in this case, ability to rapidly build Bleed.

There really isn’t much to these weapons - they are just very effective whips that can be used to rapidly strike enemies from a safe distance. Jump attacks in particular can be brutally effective, but even regular swings can be used to great effect.

Remember that whips don’t have the best stagger, and they struggle to penetrate shields. This isn’t an issue for these whips, however, as Bleed builds up even when blocked. Even the bulkiest enemies are staggered by a hemorrhage.

You can find the Hoslow Petal Whip by completing the third assassination at Volcano Manor, and the Thorned Whip by killing the Prelate beyond the Zamor Ruins.


Elden Ring: Best Bleed Weapons (6)
(Video) Elden Ring All BLEED Weapons Ranked - Which Bleed Weapon Is Best?

We are getting to the seriously powerful meta weapons now. The Uchigatana is fast, has good range, and builds Bleed quickly. Not only that, but you can get TWO Uchigatana if you start as a Samurai.

This is huge, as Power Stancing katanas is brutally effective - especially when it comes to rapidly building Bleed. These weapons truly sing when you apply Seppuku, however. Not only do you increase damage per swing, but your Bleed build-up is amplified to ludicrous levels.

Having two Seppuku Uchigatana’s will proc Bleed disgustingly fast, and this is exactly what we want from a Bleed weapon. You can find your second Uchigatana in Limgrave by going through the Deathtouched Catacombs.

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Eleanora’s Poleblade

Elden Ring: Best Bleed Weapons (7)

Being a Twinblade Eleanora’s Poleblade can build Bleed faster than most weapons can ever dream of. Two-hand this thing, spam sprint attack, and everything explodes. It’s supremely satisfying, but that is only one part of this weapon's appeal.

It’s Weapon Art, Blooblade Dance, deals a hilarious amount of damage, looks very fancy, and builds Bleed staggeringly fast. Running in with a sprint attack, and following with Bloodblade Dance can proc Bleed multiple times, on multiple enemies, whilst keeping you mobile and safe from damage.

If you want to go to the next level, Power Stance with another Twinblade, preferably one with Seppuku, and go all out with jump attacks and sprint attacks. You can find Eleanora’s Poleblade by completing Yura’s questline.

Double Godskin Peelers

Elden Ring: Best Bleed Weapons (8)

The Godskin Peeler is another Twinblade, and it’s fantastic. It has the usual Twinblade moveset, it can slash, it can poke, it can be Power Stanced - perfect. The only downside is that it doesn’t natively inflict Bleed. This can be fixed by putting Seppuku on it.

(Video) Elden Ring | 8 BEST Blood Loss Weapons, Talismans and Armor Items You Need for Your Blood Builds

Like with the Uchigatana, double Seppuku Godskin Peelers (or any offhand Twinblade) builds Bleed so fast that you could hemorrhage an enemy multiple times with a single jumping attack. Very few enemies in the game can survive a single attack from this combo, let alone the whole shebang.

Bosses will naturally take longer to kill, but not by much. Anything that can Bleed, will be dead long before they get an opportunity to kill you. You can get the Godskin Peeler by killing Godskin Apostle at Windmill Village in the Altus Plateau.

Double Cross-Naginata

Elden Ring: Best Bleed Weapons (9)

The Cross-Naginata is easily the best “spear” in the game. Essentially being a katana on the end of a stick, this weapon has a fantastic moveset that is both quick to execute and wide-reaching, giving it great crowd control. As a Bleed Weapon, however, it’s disgusting.

Pick two of these up, apply Seppuku to them, and then do sprint attacks, crouch attacks, and all manner of poking attacks, and you will deal damage from a safe distance, which builds Bleed surprisingly quickly. It’s not as fast as the Godskin Peeler, but it is much, much safer.

As they are spears, they also have a decent amount of stagger built-in, so you can chain stab enemies and watch as they explode into a cloud of blood and gore. The utility built into this weapon is enough to pick it up. As a side note, this weapon can dominate in both PVE and PVP - which is always nice.

You can pick up the Cross-Naginata by going to Gael Tunnel in Caelid.

Rivers Of Blood

Elden Ring: Best Bleed Weapons (10)

This weapon needs no introduction. If you’ve done any multiplayer in Elden Ring, you’ve encountered dozens of these katanas, and you’ve seen just how brutally efficient they are. They combine the stellar moveset of the katana, with the ludicrous range, Bleed build-up, and damage of an over-tuned Weapon Art.

Go in, use your Weapon Art, and watch as literally everything dies. Basic enemies, elite enemies, invaders, bosses, and even the FINAL BOSS, will all fall to Rivers Of Blood without much effort. Its damage is so high, that even enemies that don’t Bleed, will feel the pain.

(Video) This is The Absolute BEST Build in Elden Ring 1.08...

If you are going Bleed, and want the best all-around murder sword, then Rivers Of Blood is for you. You can find it by killing Bloodyfinger Okina at Church Of Repose.

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