Elden Ring: How to Complete Gelmir Hero's Grave (2023)

Gelmir Hero's Grave is a location at Mt. Gelmir in Elden Ring and the dwelling place of Red Wolf of the Champion. This grave also contains crafting items, spirit upgrade materials, a Stonesword Key, and two entire armour sets. As part of our Elden Ring guide, we're going to explain how to complete Gelmir Hero's Grave.

Elden Ring: How to Complete Gelmir Hero's Grave

On this page, we're going to reveal how to complete Gelmir Hero's Grave. We'll include the location, a walkthrough, and any additional information, like item drops.

Gelmir Hero's Grave Location: How to Find It

The structure housing the lift down to Gelmir Hero’s Grave isn’t too far southwest of the First Mt. Gelmir Campsite. From that Site of Grace, follow the path to the west, and around a bend to the south where the Gelmir Hero’s Grave structure sits at the dead end. There are a few wolves in the area to be mindful of, but it’s otherwise a straight shot to the grave, through the doors, and down the lift.

Gelmir Hero's Grave: Walkthrough

Before trying to tackle Gelmir Hero’s Grave, you’ll want to have a respectable amount of points into your Vitality stat or a Flamedrake Talisman in tow because we’re going to be rolling through some lava. When you’re feeling adequately prepared, head down the stairs along the southern wall from the Site of Grace, follow the path down another stairwell, and emerge into a lava-filled chamber.

(Video) Gelmir Hero's Grave (Mt. Gelmir) - Full Narrated Dungeon Walkthrough - Elden Ring [4k HDR]

As if the lava here wasn’t enough, a chariot patrols this pathway too. Once you begin descending downward, you’ll be able to see the chariot spawn in a good distance away. Take advantage of this distance to sprint downward toward the furthest set of alcoves you can make it to. The second alcove on the right-hand side should easily be reachable, but it’s across some lava and also houses a bow-and-arrow skeleton. Don’t be too afraid of touching the lava – it only does a manageable amount of damage over time.

Take out any skeletons that are accosting you and grab the Grave Violet that grows in this alcove across the lava and study the chariot’s path to gauge the best time to continue heading downward. It should stop and turn around right across from you here, so wait until it begins a descent before running to the next alcove. Zig zag across to another couple of safe spots, one of which is across some lava and holds a Grave Glovewort [7].

The alcove with the Glovewort also happens to contain some stairs up into a new chamber, but refrain from entering it just yet. We’ll be traversing the lava further downwards instead, so equip your best fire resistant armour and Flamedrake Talisman now if you haven’t yet and wait for the chariot to pass you heading upwards. Once it does, begin making a run for it into the lava below and out to one of the alcoves on either side of the path.

(Video) Elden Ring: Gelmir Hero's Grave Complete Guide (All Secrets and Hidden Items)

Once here, wait for the chariot to pass you by one more time before heading further into the lava. Once you’ve surpassed the clearing with the alcoves, there’s no need to concern yourself with the chariot as it won’t follow you down here. Head into an alcove in the northwest corner to find another Grave Glovewort [7] but take care not to fall down the gap here just yet. Instead, run straight across to find a room with a treasure chest containing the Ringed Finger.

With the shiny new weapon in your possession, you can now head back to the stairs that lead up into another chamber, back in the chariot’s path. Don’t forget about that gap by the previous Glovewort though, you’ll be able to make use of it later if you so choose. Head up the stairs and into the next chamber where you’ll face a few undead and Page enemies. Once this first floor is clear, scour the area for a couple Grave Gloveworts [6] and [7]. Next, head up the stairs but be mindful of the fire spewing out of the next passageway.

Run to the other side of the fire passageway between flamethrower salvos for a Ghost Glovewort [7] before sprinting into the room with the flamethrower pillar as soon as its flames cease. Once you’re in its room, give it a thwack to put a stop to those awfully annoying flame bouts. With the flames ceased, head west into a new room that houses an undead and two Page enemies along each back corner. Eliminate them all for the Golden Rune [6] in this room. Now turn back and head to the doorway that leads out to another chariot enemy.

(Video) Elden Ring Gelmir Hero's Grave 100% Exploration Walkthrough (All Items, Secrets...)

This is a different chariot and passageway than the one we came across earlier. There’s a Grave Glovewort [6] directly across from the doorway which you can grab once the chariot has left the premises, but there’s another item up the slope to the south that’s a bit more difficult to snag. You’ll need to begin running as soon as the chariot passes your position. Once you reach the top, press yourself against the wall here. There’s just barely enough clearance here to stay outside the chariot’s path. Wait for it to descend back down and grab the Stonesword Key that’s up here before getting back to safety.

With that Stonesword Key taken care of, it’s time to head back down. Wait for safe opportunities to run back down the slope and into the doorway where we first entered this chariot passage – you might even have to jump over top of the chariot if it's about to cross paths with you. Head down the slope and into the alcoves on either side before heading further down to another alcove in the corner that holds a shade enemy and another Grave Glovewort [7]. Instead of putting yourself in harm’s way further down the path where the path becomes covered in lava, head back toward the thin path where you’ll see a ledge down along its side we can drop down to.

Once you drop down, you can find a corpse hanging off the edge holding some Smoldering Butterflies along with a pathway beneath the chariot that’s still patrolling overhead. Follow the path along to a room with a Bloodhound Knight overlooking a hunched over corpse. Do battle with the knight and emerge victorious to receive the Bloodhound Knight Set and to clear the way to the corpse which holds the Gelmir Knight Set. With the two new armour sets added to your collection, turn around and ascend the ladder immediately in front of you.

(Video) The EASIEST Way To Beat Gelmir Hero's Grave: Elden Ring

Once reaching the top, break the pots along the side to snag some Root Resin, and carefully jump into one of the windows up here and onto one of the wooden beams. You’ll find yourself atop the pathway of the chariot we were avoiding – not far from the spot where we dropped down just a bit earlier. Now all that remains in this grave is to descend the lava flows below to reach the boss room door, but there are two ways of doing so.

The easier but longer way down would be to head all the way back up toward the beginning of the cave and drop down the gap next to the Grave Glovewort [7] in the corner by the opening lava section. Dropping there will plop you straight down to the end of the lava path. The other way down is atop the chariot that patrols this pathway. If you’ve got a keen eye, you might’ve noticed how the chariot here lacks a soldier statue and instead just has a flat backside we can drop down onto from the wooden beams above. It’s a bit trickier and riskier to drop onto the chariot, but we have to admit it’s the cooler way down.

Regardless of the path you take, you’ll end up on some stone platforms alongside the chariot and the lava. There’s a small alcove next to a ladder on the ground level which has some Beast Blood you can grab if you’d like. Otherwise, pick the Grave Glovewort [7] by the set of doors, open the doors up, and descend the path down to the mist gate which conceals the Red Wolf of the Champion.

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Gelmir Hero's Grave: Item Drops and Loot

  • Grave Violet
  • Grave Glovewort [7]
  • Ringed Figner
  • Grave Glovewort [6]
  • Ghost Glovewort [7]
  • Golden Rune [6]
  • Stonesword Key
  • Smoldering Butterfly
  • Bloodhound Knight Set
  • Gelmir Knight Set
  • Root Resin
  • Beast Blood

Do you have any tips and tricks for how to complete Gelmir Hero's Grave in Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments section below, and check out our Elden Ring guide for more information.


How do you get past Gelmirs hero grave Elden Ring? ›

The easier but longer way down would be to head all the way back up toward the beginning of the cave and drop down the gap next to the Grave Glovewort [7] in the corner by the opening lava section. Dropping there will plop you straight down to the end of the lava path.

What's at the end of Gelmir hero's grave? ›

The corpse that the Knight was resting in front of will give you another full set of armor; the Gelmir Knight Helm, Gelmir Knight Armor, Gelmir Knight Gauntlets, and Gelmir Knight Greaves.

Is there a boss at Gelmir hero's grave? ›

This will take you to the last fog gate where you can fight the boss, Red Wolf of the Champion. Defeating this boss will reward you with Bloodhound Knight Floh Ashes. Loot the remaining chest in the boss chamber to obtain Deathroot.

How do you get through the lava in Gelmir hero's grave? ›

If you have the Ash of War Quick Step or Bloodhound's Step, you can use these to quickly get through lava as well. At the end of the lava ramp, head to the right. There is an alcove here with a hole you can drop down into with a Grave Glovewort (7) on the ledge.

How do I get past Mt. Gelmir? ›

Head towards the Minor Erdtree and follow the road around it and to the west, across a bridge with The Shaded Castle below at your right. Keep on this path and eventually you'll come to a rope-bridge, with the Bridge of Inequity Site of Grace on the other side. Congratulations, your journey up Mt.

Can you destroy the chariots in Gelmir hero grave? ›

Destroying these Chariots requires you to also die. If you're stocking Runes, spend them beforehand, or equip a Sacrificial Twig talisman. There are three Chariots to demolish this time around.

Is there a boss in Auriza hero grave? ›

The Grave Warden Duelist is the boss of the Auriza Hero's Grave, located in far northeast section of the Capital Outskirts, just north of the entrance to Leyndell, Royal Capital along the bottom of a cliffside.

How do you complete hero's grave? ›

To complete the Auriza Hero's Grave, the Chariots must be destroyed, or the door can't be accessed.

What boss do you fight after Morgot? ›

After Morgott is defeated, the path to the Mountaintops of the Giants will open up. High above the clouds lies the Forge of the Giants, which is protected by the next major boss: the Fire Giant.

What is the strongest spirit ashes in Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring: 10 Best Spirit Ashes, Ranked
  • 8 Lone Wolf.
  • 7 Nepheli Loux.
  • 6 Aurelia (Jellyfish)
  • 5 Dung Eater.
  • 4 Stormhawk Deenh.
  • 3 Banished Knight Oleg.
  • 2 Black Knife Tiche.
  • 1 Mimic Tear Ashes.
Dec 3, 2022

Is there a boss in Deathtouched catacombs? ›

Deathtouched Catacombs is one of the Small Dungeons found in the Limgrave Region in Elden Ring.
Deathtouched Catacombs.
EnemiesBossNotable Loot
Skeletal WarriorsBlack Knife AssassinBloodrose, Deathroot, Assassin's Crimson Dagger
Mar 18, 2022

Where do I get Gelmir Knight armor? ›

The Gelmir Knight Set is a complete set of Attire that's found in Gelmir Hero's Grave on Mt. Gelmir.

How do I get to the lava behind the Volcano Manor? ›

Once players are up top they will spot a massive rock jutting out to the right side of the boss arena. By running to the edge of that rock and jumping down, they'll be put on the final path to Volcano Manor.

Is Mount Gelmir optional? ›

Gelmir Dungeons. Elden Ring features a large variety of different types of Dungeons, and unlike previous From Software titles, most of these dungeons are entirely optional, and serve as side content to uncover when exploring the Lands Between.

What level should I be for Mt. Gelmir? ›

Best Route & Boss Order In Elden Ring
AreaRecommended Weapon & Character Level
Mt GelmirThe recommended level for this area is 80+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Leyndell, Royal CapitalThe recommended level for this area is 80+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
23 more rows
Oct 14, 2022

How to get to Volcano Manor without RYA? ›

Your other option is to travel to Volcano Manor manually. In the north of Altus Plateau, just south of Shaded Castle, the Bridge of Iniquity stretches over a ravine. Travel over the bridge heading west and you'll find the First Mt.

What level should I be to beat Red Wolf? ›

Red Wolf of Radagon: Overview
NameRecommended LevelLocation
Red Wolf of Radagon36Academy of Raya Lucaria
1 more row
Mar 8, 2022

Is the red wolf optional? ›

Red Wolf of Radagon is a mandatory boss in the story of Elden Ring. Located in the Raya Lucaria area of Elden Ring, the Red Wolf of Radagon is a potentially tough fight, depending on what build you're using, and whether you're summoning in any AI or player allies.

What is the closest grace to Red Wolf? ›

Red Wolf Of Radagon Overview

The closest Grace to the boss is the Schoolhouse Classroom. You can summon both online players and any kind of Spirit Ashes to help you fight with the boss, and defeating it will drop a Memory Stone which can increase the number of skills you can possess at one time.

What do you get for killing Ancient Hero of Zamor? ›

Upon defeat, the Ancient Hero of Zamor from Sainted Hero's Grave drops legendary Spirit Ash Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff.

Can Margit's shackle break chariots? ›

The chariot protectors are meant to be destroyed by hitting a pillar trap deep within the dungeon, but Margit's Shackle lets players hit it through a wall to quickly destroy them.

What are the hardest graves in Elden Ring? ›

Hero Graves are the toughest types of dungeons in Elden Ring. They are usually riddled with giant chariots that can instantly kill you and block your path forward. Each corner has a deadly challenge that you're sure to die to.

What boss is after Radahn? ›

After defeating Starscourge Radahn players will find themselves in an area with Blaidd, Alexander, and others all reminiscing about the fight. Here, you can progress both Blaidd and Alexander's questlines and can get some valuable lore information from other nearby NPCs like Jerren.

Is Auriza hero's grave necessary? ›

Auriza Hero's Grave is one of the Minor Dungeons found in the Altus Plateau Region in Elden Ring. It is an optional dungeon that is home to a few treasure items and a miniboss Foe.

What do you get from Auriza hero's grave? ›

Auriza Hero's Grave is a location in Leyndell, Royal Capital in Elden Ring and the home of dual Crucible Knights. This grave is a smorgasbord that contains a unique armour set, a new weapon, a Stonesword Key, a Talisman, some Spirit Ashes, and weapon upgrade materials.

How do you get the rune of death ending? ›

Towards the end of Fia's Quest, you will need to defeat Lichdragon Fortissax. Defeating this boss lets you pick up the Mending Rune of Death Prince next to Fia's body. Once the quest has been complete, you are able to continue on your journey as you normally would.

What is the biggest boss in Elden Ring? ›

There's a huge jump in size when the Elden Ring dragons are reached, as they are all massive creatures. The two largest non-dragon bosses are confirmed by the video to be the Elden Beast, who is the last boss that players encounter in the game, and the Fire Giant.

Is Godskin Duo optional? ›

For those who don't know, Godskin Duo is a mandatory boss fight in the Crumbling Farum Azula region of Elden Ring. The duo consists of the Godskin Noble and the Godskin Apostle, which the player has to fight simultaneously.

Is Radahn optional? ›

The challenging Starscourge Radahn is thankfully optional - but is a route to the end of the game if you like.

What is tankiest spirit ashes? ›

Lhutel the Headless Ashes

Lhutel the Headless is arguably the best tanking summon you'll find in the game. She won't dish out as much damage as some other spirit ashes, but the sheer survivability of this ally is unmatched.

Is Dung Eater a good summon? ›

This guy is actually a really good summon. Tanky as all get out and beefy damage + bleed. Once again, a better idea to give the potion to dung eater than Nepheli.

What is the best legendary summon Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring: 15 Strongest Spirit Ash Summons, Ranked
  1. 1 Mimic Tear.
  2. 2 Lhutel The Headless. ...
  3. 3 Black Knife Tiche. ...
  4. 4 Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff. ...
  5. 5 Omenkiller Rollo. ...
  6. 6 Latenna The Albinauric. ...
  7. 7 Redmane Knight Ogha. ...
  8. 8 Banished Knight Oleg. ...
Aug 18, 2022

Who are the black knife assassins? ›

Black Knife Assassins are another type of Elden Ring boss that appear multiple times in places like Deathtouched Catacombs, Sainted Hero's Grave, and Black Knife Catacombs. Most people would agree the Black Knife Assassin boss fights are among the toughest in Elden Ring due to their agility and complicated moveset.

What boss is in the Black Knife Catacombs? ›

Black Knife Catacombs bosses

There are two boss encounters in this area: a fight with the Black Knife Assassin near the catacombs' depths, and a fight with a powerful shade closer to the entrance (which you can only access once you have pulled the levers near the chamber where you fight the assassin).

What drops from Deathtouched Catacombs? ›

When the Black Knife Assassin of Deathtouched Catacombs is felled, they'll drop Assassin's Crimson Dagger. This, funnily enough, is a great talisman to equip whenever facing off with assassins in future. Finally, before leaving the dungeon, don't forget to open the chest at the back of the room and loot the Deathroot.

Where do I get Goldmask armor? ›

Goldmask's Set is a complete set of Attire that's found on the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge in Altus Plateau and given to you after completing Brother Corhyn's questline.

How do I get Baidd armor? ›

Instead, after completing Ranni's quest, return to Ranni's Rise and you will find Blaidd sitting outside the steps to the tower, mumbling to himself. At this point, Blaidd is hostile regardless of what you do, so go ahead and defeat him. Blaidd will drop his armor, gauntlets, greaves, and his Royal Greatsword.

Does killing Rykard affect Volcano Manor? ›

After beating Rykard players can no longer progress the Volcano Manor questline, but this implies that they did not finish the questline to reach Rykard in the first place.

Can you fight Rykard without joining Volcano Manor? ›

You can access and defeat Rykard without doing any of Volcano Manor's quests, though it comes with a few consequences. After you defeat Rykard - regardless of whether you join the Manor - everyone in the Manor leaves. That means you'll miss Rya's quest and all the loot gained from Tanith's contracts.

Where is RYA after Volcano Manor? ›

Speak to Rya After the First Volcano Manor Assassination

Rya will tell you that she hears strange sounds behind the walls sometimes. Rya will move after this and you can now find her in the room opposite the drawing room (the second door on the right).

How do I get to the conquering hero grave? ›

To reach the Hero's Grave, one needs to make their way to the Giant's Gravepost (Site of Grace), where you find the map of the area. From there, you need to head west towards the Grave, and you will see a small gap that you can jump across.

What do you get in the hero's grave Elden Ring? ›

Auriza Hero's Grave is a location in Leyndell, Royal Capital in Elden Ring and the home of dual Crucible Knights. This grave is a smorgasbord that contains a unique armour set, a new weapon, a Stonesword Key, a Talisman, some Spirit Ashes, and weapon upgrade materials.

How do you get Age of Despair ending Elden Ring? ›

For the Elden Lord, Age of Despair, ending you will need to complete the Dung Eater questline prior to finishing the game. In order to start this quest line you will need to find a Seabed Curse item, which can be at various points throughout the game.

How do I get a ghost and Grave Glovewort? ›

Traverse through the dungeon normally until you reach the boss, an Erdtree Burial Watchdog. Once felled, they'll drop Glovewort Picker's Bell Bearing [1], which allows you to buy Grave Glovewort [1], [2], and [3].

What level should you fight fire giant? ›

Be at least level 110: Even though the Fire Giant can be conquered at a lower level than 110, it'll be considerably difficult.

Who is the boss in giant conquering hero's grave? ›

Boss Fight

The Ancient Hero of Zamor is the boss of the dungeon. He is susceptible to bleed, and is slow moving. A spirit summon is allowed in this boss fight. Defeating him yields the Zamor Curved Sword and the entire Zamor Armor Set.

How many hero's graves are there in Elden Ring? ›

There are a total of three Hero's Graves in the Atlus Plateau. These difficult and challenging dungeons in Elden Ring usually reward you with powerful weapons and items to continue your journey to becoming the Elden Lord. The easiest way to get to this Hero's Grave is from the Rampartside Path Site of Grace.

Is Auriza Hero's Grave worth it? ›

Auriza Hero's Grave is ‌on the borders of the Royal Capital, Leyndell. The catacomb is definitely worth exploring as players will get two heavy Elden Ring Armors, an Ash of War, a Spirit Summon, and many more useful items.

Should you join Volcano Manor? ›

Should you join Volcano Manor in Elden Ring? Yes, if only to advance several quests and get access to Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Despite the gravity of the murders you commit, there are no negative consequences – at least, none we've come across.

Is there a 7th ending in Elden Ring? ›

There are already more Elden Ring endings than any other FromSoftware game, but dataminers have discovered a secret seventh ending that was cut from the game, called the Age of Absolute.

How do you save Melina? ›

At the end of the day, to save Melina, you have to take her place as the sacrificial offering to the Erdtree by making her leave you before the conclusion of her arc.

Do you age in Elden Ring? ›

For anyone who has finished Elden Ring, you'll know that at the very end of the game you're given the choice to mend the titular Elden Ring, or usher in a new age. In this new ending, players will get to start the Age of Absolute.

Do grave gloveworts respawn? ›

Rounding up plenty of Grave Glovewort in Elden Ring will be an important task if you wish to upgrade the various Spirit Ashes you obtain throughout your journey. However, unlike most other crafting materials in the game, these don't respawn after you pick them.

What's the best summons in Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring: 15 Strongest Spirit Ash Summons, Ranked
  1. 1 Mimic Tear.
  2. 2 Lhutel The Headless. ...
  3. 3 Black Knife Tiche. ...
  4. 4 Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff. ...
  5. 5 Omenkiller Rollo. ...
  6. 6 Latenna The Albinauric. ...
  7. 7 Redmane Knight Ogha. ...
  8. 8 Banished Knight Oleg. ...
Aug 18, 2022


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