Elden Ring: The Best Prisoner Build (2023)

Elden Ring has several classes that players can choose from, and the Prisoner is an interesting one many players may gravitate to, maybe because of its helmet but also because it is a hybrid magic and melee build. According to the lore, the This Elden Ring starting class character is "a prisoner bound in an iron mask. Studied in Glintstone sorcery, having lived among the elite prior to sentencing." Their crime or the extent of their studies isn't important, as classes in Elden Ring serve as a base for starting the game.

The Prisoner class has its highest stats in Dexterity and Intelligence, with 14 in both attributes. Only the Warrior and Samurai have higher Dexterity, and only the Astrologer has higher Intelligence. Their lowest stat is Faith at only 6, which is also the weakest of any class. Players looking to make a good Prisoner build will exclusively use sorceries over incantations. While players can build the class how they like, most players pick the class because the combat style appeals to them.

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When theElden Ring network test took place last year, players could select from five classes, including one called the Enchanted Knight. Unfortunately, the classes didn't make it into the entire game, but the Prisoner fits a similar theme to the Enchanted Knight. It swapped Strength for Dexterity, though. Players who choose Prisoners will eventually don better armor than what they start with and can take on the appearance of a knight mage, slashing swords and slinging sorceries in equal measure. They won't have the heaviest armor available but will be flexible enough to deal with whatever situation they find themselves in. If an enemy is too tough, they can always run and come back later.

Building The Best Prisoner Classin Elden Ring

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Choosing the best build is near-impossible in Elden Ring for a game of its size and freedom for players to do what they want. Classes don't lock players out ofskills in Elden Ring, armor, or weapons, but it does serve as a guideline for players to follow. If they decide they don't like their build, they can allocate points elsewhere instead of starting a new character. Still, it is smart for players to have an idea of what they want their character to be, which is what classes are for. When selecting a Prisoner, players want armor that affords better protection, a shield that negates 100% of physical damage, a one-handed slashing sword good for taking out groups of enemies, and the best staff they can find. Most skill points will be in Dexterity or Intelligence, though Vigor and Mind are also good choices because they increase HP and FP. Players especially want points in Intelligence to access more powerful sorceries. Players should only put enough points into other skills to meet specific gear requirements.

Players can choose whicheverElden Ring keepsake they want for the Prisoner during character creation. Golden Seeds are good because they allow players to have more flasks early on, which can help players get through tougher sections of the game more easily. The Prisoner is somewhat of a squishy class, so melee is a secondary option. They can carry more Flasks of Cerulean Tears to cast more sorceries. The Fanged Imp Ashes are also a good choice. Players are frequently outnumbered, so it helps to have allies, and the imps have some devastating attacks, including causing Blood Loss to enemies that can bleed. Also, they are quick, so they can be difficult for enemies to hit. It's a great summon early on, though players will find better ones later.

The Best Gear for Prisoners in Elden Ring

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Although the helmet the Prisoner starts with looks strange and highly uncomfortable, it is still a very strong helmet. It can carry players through the early parts of Elden Ring, though players may wish to trade it with for other gear. The helmet is heavy, so unequipping it frees up a lot of weight for other gear. Early on, they can get chainmail from the merchant Kalé in the Church of Elleh. It's not the best gear, but it is a good start. Later on, they can get Kaiden armor from the wandering horsemen around Limgrave. The armor is light enough that they should still be able to wear it without getting a heavy equip load, and therefore avoiding the dreaded "fat roll" when dodging. As strong as the Prisoner is in combat, they still can't take many hits, so they will be dodging a lot to avoid losing everything in Elden Ring by dying repeatedly. They want whatever armor they can equip that keeps them in the medium load. Players can get items that increase their equip load, or put points into Endurance.

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Prisoners start with the Estoc, a stabbing sword. It scales well with Dexterity, but its moveset leaves a little to be desired. It deals decent damage against a single target, but then again, so does their starting sorcery Magic Glintblade. They want a weapon with a wide arc that can damage multiple enemies when they get overwhelmed in melee. A weapon players can find early is the Lordsworn's Straight Sword. It is dropped by Noble Soldiers in the Gatefront Ruins, and it scales off Strength and Dexterity. Players can getElden Ring'sIron Whetblade later to change the affinity, meaning the sword can scale off Intelligence if they choose.

When it comes to the magic staff, the one that Prisoners start with is fine, though there are better ones out in the world. One that players may want to get early on is the Demi-Human Queen's Staff. They can find it by defeating the Demi-Human Queen in the Demi-Human Forest Ruins. From the Gatefront Ruins, go south across the bridge and continue following the road to cross another bridge. Then head west into the middle of the forest to the ruins there. If any enemies encountered along the waygive players trouble in Elden Ring, they can ride past them. The Demi-Human Queen is susceptible to magic, so players can cast spells at her from a distance to make the fight easier.

Players also want a better shield. A Prisoner's primary weakness is getting hit in melee. They don't have a lot of health, nor the strongest armor. They can weather a few hits, but avoiding damage is important. Players can get a heater shield of their choice to negate attacks, as heater shields negate physical damage completely, so long as they have the stamina to block it. There are several different ones for players to choose from, but Prisoners can buy one once they get to the Roundtable Hold. The Twin Maiden Husks sell one for 1500 runes.

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The gear mentioned above isn't necessarily thebest gear in Elden Ring but will get players through a lot. Better gear might require investments of time, runes, or allocating skills. Besides, some of the best get is subjective. Equipping gear based solely on its looks is a legitimate strategy, even for a challenging game like Elden Ring. Players should enjoy the character they are playing, and being fashionable is part of the journey.


Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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What is the best build for prisoner in Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring Prisoner Build: Best Equipment. For the start of our Elden Ring Prisoner build, you will want to rush to find the Uchigatana. This is one of the best standard Dexterity weapons in the game and is very powerful from the beginning due to its bleed effect and fast attacks.

What is the prisoner Elden Ring playstyle? ›

What Is Elden Ring's Prisoner Class? The Prisoner is a melee-focused mage build that uses its array of weapons and spells to deal critical damage to enemies. Its biggest advantage lies in its Intelligence and Dexterity stats, meaning weapons that scale with Dexterity are the best choice here.

What are the best weapons for the prisoner in Elden Ring? ›

In keeping with its slight bias towards Dexterity, the Prisoner starts with the Estoc, a fast sword that scales well with Dexterity. Almost any weapon in Elden Ring is a viable choice, but the Estoc is one of the better starting choices.

What should I level up as a prisoner? ›

Leveling Up

While Min-Maxing is a good strategy for a lot of Elden Ring's classes, the Prisoner is a large exception. Try to keep all stats relative to each other as you level them up, meaning things like dexterity and intelligence should be your top stats for basically the entire game.

Is prisoner class good? ›

The Prisoner class in Elden Ring is good at melee and sorcery. Its best builds have a mixture of both, as well as decent armor for survivability.


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