How to breed amazing Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet (2023)

Breeding is a key part of the main Pokémon series, whether you’re hatching eggs to complete your Pokédex or crafting a competitive-worthy team with flawless stats. While the main breeding mechanics have stayed the same since their introduction in Gold and Silver, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet make a few key changes. Our Pokémon Scarlet and Violet eggs and breeding guide outlines how to get and hatch eggs, the items you’ll need for breeding, and how to breed the best possible Pokémon.

Which Pokémon can breed?

Pokémon are compatible if they share an Egg Group and are opposite genders; the resulting egg will be the same species as the female parent.

Alternatively, you can pair a Pokémon of any gender with a Ditto to breed more of the non-Ditto Pokémon, and this is the only way to breed genderless Pokémon, like Voltorb, or Pokémon that can only be male. Keep in mind that certain Pokémon, including some genderless Pokémon and most legendaries and mythical Pokémon, are in the “undiscovered” Egg Group and can’t breed at all.

How to get Pokémon eggs in Scarlet and Violet

In a major change from previous Pokémon games, there’s no Day Care where you can leave two Pokémon to generate eggs. Instead, you can find eggs while on a picnic.

Make sure you have two compatible Pokémon in your party — it’s easiest if you put the other four in your Pokémon boxes, which you can access from the menu — and set up a picnic. The next step is to wait! Walk around, make a sandwich, hang out. After some time has passed, Pokémon eggs should appear in the basket near your picnic table. Press A near the basket to collect the eggs, which will be sent to your Pokémon boxes.

You can increase the spawn rate of eggs by eating a meal with the Egg Power bonus. Restaurants around Paldea will sell food with this meal power, and you can also make sandwiches with the Egg Power effect yourself during the picnic.

How to breed amazing Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet (1) Image: Game Freak/The Pokémon Company, Nintendo via Polygon

How to hatch eggs

Once you’ve collected some eggs, it’s time to hatch them. To do this, simply put the eggs in your party and walk (or ride Koraidon/Miraidon) around. (Some species take longer to hatch than others, so remember to be patient.) Keep in mind that you’ll need at least one non-egg Pokémon in your party at all times, and unlike with collecting eggs, you do actually have to move around to hatch them — idling doesn’t count.

To speed up the hatching process, you can include a Pokémon with the Flame Body, Magma Armor, or Steam Engine Abilities in your party. The most efficient way to hatch eggs is to limit your party so it’s just this Pokémon, with eggs taking up the remaining five slots. The Egg Power bonus will also make eggs hatch faster, so try to hatch eggs while the bonus is still active.

Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet that can have Flame Body, Magma Armor, and/or Steam Engine:

  • Fletchinder and Talonflame
  • Larvesta and Volcarona
  • Rolycoly, Carkol, and Coalossal
  • Camerupt

How to learn Egg Moves and where to get Mirror Herb

Scarlet and Violet also make a convenient change to Egg Moves, or moves that a Pokémon could previously only learn through breeding. Like breeding itself, it’s also tied to picnics, and you’ll need a brand-new item, the Mirror Herb, to make it work.

In your party, include a Pokémon that knows the desired Egg Move and the Pokémon you want to teach the Egg Move to. Make sure the Pokémon that wants to learn the Egg Move has an empty move slot — you can forget a move from the Pokémon’s summary screen at any time — and give that Pokémon a Mirror Herb to hold, then set up a picnic. The Pokémon holding Mirror Herb can learn any Egg Move its species is able to learn from any other Pokémon in your party, even if they’re the same gender, different species, or in different Egg Groups. This way, you don’t have to breed a brand-new Pokémon just for the Egg Move, and it should be instant, so you don’t have to wait around for anything to happen.

You can buy a Mirror Herb from the Delibird Presents store on the second level of Cascarrafa. They’re listed under “Battle items,” and each one costs 30,000. In battle, these are single-use items, so be sure to unequip it before battling so you don’t lose it!

How to breed amazing Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet (2) Image: Game Freak/The Pokémon Company, Nintendo via Polygon

Helpful items for breeding Pokémon

Like in previous games, the parent Pokémon can hold items to affect what’s passed down to the resulting eggs. These items include the Everstone and the Destiny Knot, and using them is the most effective way to breed a Pokémon with the stats and nature you want.

A parent holding an Everstone will pass its nature, which affects how its stats develop, to the resulting Pokémon. Giving the other parent a Destiny Knot to hold will ensure that five IVs (or base stats) will be passed down from the parents’ collective 12 base stats, meaning only one stat will be randomized rather than several.

With or without held items, eggs will inherit:

  • IVs, though without a Destiny Knot, more base stats will be randomized
  • Ability, though it’s not a 100% chance if the Pokémon has more than one possible Ability; Hidden Ability is inherited from the female parent unless breeding with Ditto
  • Most types of Poké Ball — female’s if the species are different; 50/50 chance of either parent’s if the species is the same; non-Ditto parent’s if paired with Ditto
  • Egg Moves, as well as certain moves in the Pokémon’s usual movepool

Eggs do not inherit:

  • EVs (effort values, which affect stat growth and are separate from base stats)
  • Nature, if neither parent is holding an Everstone
  • Master Ball and Cherish Ball; the resulting Pokémon will have a regular Poké Ball instead

Getting the baby Pokémon from eggs

Note that in a change from previous games, you no longer need Incense items to breed the “baby” Pokémon, like Azurill and Bonsly, from their respective evolutions, like Marill and Sudowoodo. Instead, all eggs from these Pokémon will hatch as the baby, or pre-evolution.

For example, in past games, breeding Marill or Azumarill without the Sea Incense item would result in Marill eggs, rather than Marill’s pre-evolution, Azurill. Now, every egg from a Marill or Azumarill will hatch into an Azurill, so you don’t have to sacrifice an Everstone or Destiny Knot to breed the baby Pokémon.

Shiny hunting with the Masuda method

As Jacq alludes to during one biology lesson, the Masuda method still exists in Scarlet and Violet. If you pair two compatible Pokémon from different-language versions of the game, the resulting eggs have an increased chance of being shiny. This stacks with the Shiny Charm to improve your shiny odds while breeding.

How to pick your parent Pokémon

When breeding Pokémon, it helps to start with good parents. Tera Raid battles, particularly 5- and 6-star ones, are the most efficient way to find Pokémon with several perfect stats (and maybe some Egg Moves), and Terastal Pokémon you find in the wild will also have a few perfect stats. On the other hand, regular wild Pokémon are unlikely to have good stats.

First, you’ll want to check the base stats (IVs) of the parent Pokémon. You can check IVs once you’ve finished all the story quests and seen the game’s credits; talk to the woman at any Pokémon Center, who will tell you about the “Judge function” in your Pokémon boxes. Once you’ve unlocked the Judge function, you can press the Plus button while viewing any Pokémon in your boxes to change the view to its IVs. Our full IV training guide has more details about how this works.

For a Special Attacker, for example, you’ll want at least one parent to have a perfect Special Attack IV (and ideally a few other perfect IVs). You also want to make sure one of the parents has the nature you’d like the resulting Pokémon to have; in the Special Attacker example, you might want the Modest nature, which increases Special Attack and lowers Attack, since that Pokémon wouldn’t need a good Attack stat. The parent with the correct nature will hold the Everstone when breeding, while the other Pokémon gets the Destiny Knot.

As you breed, you’ll hatch better and better Pokémon. You can swap out one parent for another with better stats as you go.


How do you breed the best Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet? ›

Breeding in Violet and Scarlet

Choose two Pokemon in the same "Egg Group" (Basically, they need to look similar enough to like each other.) Start a Picnic with those two Pokemon in your party. Wait for some (real) time and then check the picnic basket for eggs.

How do you breed amazing stats in Pokémon Scarlet? ›

Helpful items for breeding Pokémon

These items include the Everstone and the Destiny Knot, and using them is the most effective way to breed a Pokémon with the stats and nature you want. A parent holding an Everstone will pass its nature, which affects how its stats develop, to the resulting Pokémon.

How do you breed amazing stats in Pokémon? ›

Breeding Pokémon with good IVs

To get a parent Pokémon to pass down IVs, give it a Destiny Knot to hold. This passes down five of their IVs to their child, randomly. Having a parent hold a power item that's used for EV training will have the parent pass down the corresponding stat guaranteed.

What is the best Ditto for breeding Scarlet? ›

A six-IV Ditto is still the best option around for building a team of powerful Pokemon, but there's only one realistic way to get one. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players of all sorts want to get themselves a six-IV Ditto to streamline the breeding process.

Do shiny sandwiches work on eggs? ›

Shiny Sandwiches will not help with the chance for an egg to be Shiny, so players should prepare other sandwiches for their eggs. Players will need to repeat this until they have hatched a shiny Pokemon, though there are a few things they can do to further increase their chances.

What are the odds of breeding a perfect IV? ›

This is the most efficient way to breed pokemon with perfect IVs. Only one stat is generated randomly (the other 5 are guaranteed to inherit a perfect IV thanks to the Destiny Knot), so you have a 1/32 (3.1%) chance of generating a perfect pokemon.

What are the shiny odds in scarlet breeding? ›

What are the Shiny odds in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? The base Shiny odds for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are a possible 1/4096. These odds can be improved by crafting sandwiches that boost Shiny rates, encountering Pokemon at Mass Outbreaks, and obtaining the Shiny charm.

Does Pokémon Scarlet have cheats? ›

While there are no official cheats for Scarlet and Violet, there are however several rather useful glitches and workarounds that can get Poképlayers a lot of extra items and money.

How rare are perfect IV Pokémon? ›

There's a one in 4,096 chance, or 0.0244% portability, of finding perfect IVs from a wild catch. There is also a Weather Boosted wild catch though, which gives you a significant odds boost. Instead of the 1 in 4,096 chance, a Weather Boosted catch increases your odds to a 1 in 1,728 chance.

Is 30 IV good enough? ›

Re: When are IV's good enough for you? No less than 30 on important stats for tanks, 31 for sweepers. Other stats HAVE to be at least 20.

Can you get 6 perfect IVs? ›

To get a 6iv Pokémon, players breed two-high iv Pokémon, one male, and one female. They often include a destiny knot item or involve a Ditto, a neutral gender Pokémon. There are many ways to make a Pokémon stronger in-game. The most common way is to raise an effort value and breed a Pokémon with good individual value.

Can you breed a level 100 Pokémon? ›

Yes. A Pokemon can breed no matter what level it is.

Can you breed Koraidon? ›

Can You Breed Koraidon? No. Koraidon is a Paradox Pokemon, meaning it's genderless and therefore unable to breed. If you played Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon, you'll remember the Ultra Beasts – this is essentially what Paradox Pokemon are, with an added Pokemon Scarlet & Violet twist.

Does Pokémon level matter in breeding? ›

The level of the Pokémon is irrelevant. Their gender is relevant just in the case we pair them with a Pokémon from another species (excepting Ditto), since the female species will determinate the very same. Also, if we can get it already with the same nature as the brood, even better.

Can you breed the Legendary Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet? ›

Ditto can take the form of any Pokemon and any egg group, except legendary Pokemon, which you can't breed. With your Picnic set up, let your Pokemon roam free.

What is the strongest Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet? ›

The strongest Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet is the hardest to evolve and the Coin Entity Pokemon, Gholdengo! It has the ability of Good as Gold which gives it immunity from all status condition moves like Spore and Will o' Wisp making it pretty durable against opposing Pokemon.

Does breeding a shiny Pokémon increase chances Scarlet and Violet? ›

The so-called 'Masuda Method' has made its return in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. This increases the odds of hatching a shiny Pokémon when breeding if the parent Pokémon come from games set to different languages.

What are the breeding shiny odds in scarlet violet? ›

What are the Shiny odds in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? The base Shiny odds for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are a possible 1/4096. These odds can be improved by crafting sandwiches that boost Shiny rates, encountering Pokemon at Mass Outbreaks, and obtaining the Shiny charm.


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