Luxilon ALU Power Vibe 17/ 1.25 String set Review (2023)

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  • Control
  • Comfort


  • Low snapback for a poly
  • Muted
  • High cost


With its impressive pro-tour pedigree, Luxilon ALU Power is one of the most iconic co-polyester strings of all time. Since no one string can be all things to all people, it is not surprising that Luxilon has created several variations of this magical monofilament, each time tweaking the original formula to deliver a slightly different feel and response. With the introduction of ALU Power Vibe, Luxilon returns to the drawing board, this time with the intent of reducing the harsh vibrations that often plague poly-based monofilaments. According to our playtest team, Luxilon has definitely succeeded in creating a comfortable and well-dampened co-poly. Vibe's comfortable feel was matched by truly outstanding control, a feature that didn't waver as Vibe lost tension. That said, this co-poly is not without fault. It suffered from substantial frictional wear, which led to increasing string displacement as the playtest wore on. As a result, Vibe lacked the exceptional spin potential of the standard ALU Power. Although this didn't create significant control problems for our playtesters, it means that ALU Power Vibe is probably a bad fit for those who hit with heavy spin. Ultimately, though, with its comfortable feel and excellent control, this innovative co-poly not only provides a user-friendly entry point into the polyester universe, but it also gives poly veterans a very smooth ride.

Luxilon ALU Power Vibe String Scores

Playability Duration73

Control - Score: 66 / Power - Score: 66

Co-polyester monofilament strings are constructed to deliver high levels of control, and Luxilon ALU Power Vibe is no exception. Granted, our playtest team found it softer and more powerful than traditional polyester, but the control proved undeniable. As a player who requires a high degree of control to execute her powerful strokes, Michelle was impressed. She said, "I was pleasantly surprised that Vibe felt soft and plush but still had outstanding control. It wasn't dead by any means, but it gave me enough control to swing all out. Even after a full week of hitting, Vibe retained control. I can't say it would completely replace my string of choice, but I could see it adding a little extra comfort and dampening to a poly/poly hybrid when paired with a stiffer string."

Although it packed a tad more pop than his typical poly, Chris had no problem hitting his targets with Vibe. He explained, "Compared to most co-poly based strings I've used, ALU Power Vibe was slightly on the powerful side of the performance spectrum, but I found the power level to feel very consistent and predictable. This might sound contradictory, but the predictable power level resulted in lots of control. I was able to trust the string's response and quickly found the confidence to go after my shots and hit for the corners."

Luxilon ALU Power Vibe 17/ 1.25 String set Review (2)

Spin - Score: 75

ALU Power Vibe doesn't have the sharp bite of a shaped poly, nor does it possess the low-friction snapback of the standard ALU Power. As a result, Vibe didn't earn the kind of stratospheric spin score befitting the game's most iconic poly brand. However, with the string's ability to accommodate high stroke speeds, Chris found enough spin to place the ball effectively. He said, "I got decent spin from ALU Power Vibe, mostly due to it being a control string. I was able to swing fast, and those fast swings resulted in good rotation on the ball. I didn't get the sense this string was offering the snap back I get from regular ALU Power, so I didn't feel like I was getting any extra spin, but I predictably got out what I felt like I put in."

For Michelle, ALU Power Vibe did not shine in the spin department. She described, "Let's just say the spin was OK, but not stellar. It didn't seem to provide great bite or any extra ball rotation. The biggest problem was that it got stuck out of position and notched fairly quickly. Within an hour of use, the strings were not effectively snapping back. My strokes are fairly linear and I don't rely on a ton of spin, so Vibe was fine for me. I would have preferred the strings to have snapped back, but the experience of having to straighten them was kind of nostalgic."

Luxilon ALU Power Vibe 17/ 1.25 String set Review (3)

Comfort - Score: 82 / Feel - Score: 82

Let there be no confusion: ALU Power Vibe is a co-poly monofilament, which means it lacks the ultra-soft feel found with natural gut and multifilament strings. That said, Luxilon designed ALU Power Vibe with a silicone dampening agent, giving it a more comfortable feel than the polys our playtesters typically use. Needless to say, Michelle appreciated the extra comfort, especially since it did not come at the expense of control. She said, "As someone who often has to rely on high tensions to find the most control, I felt that this string was a great match for me because it felt soft even when strung at a high tension. From the first hit, I thought it would be a great option to plug into a poly/poly hybrid and pair it with something a little stiffer to bring some life and feel to the stringbed."

Like Michelle, Chris also reported smooth and comfortable handling from this co-poly. He said, "I found ALU Power Vibe to play with a forgiving feel compared to most co-poly offerings. It felt like the string was pocketing the ball well, which gave the stringbed a decently plush response. This string felt soft and forgiving, whereas I find regular ALU Power to feel crisper and more precise."

Playability Duration - Score: 73

Unlike most of the softer polys our team has playtested, ALU Power Vibe didn't get overly mushy, springy or erratic over time. It held its control and feel surprisingly well, but it was far from perfect in the longevity department. Our playtesters reported excessive notching and string displacement. As a result, it may lead to trajectory issues and premature breakage for some playing styles, especially those with aggressive or extreme spin mechanics. Chris helps us understand how this co-poly aged, saying, "How this string played over time was a bit of a mixed bag for me. On the plus side, ALU Power Vibe retained control impressively. I hit the string in dense 18x20 stringbeds as well as the extremely open 14x16 pattern of the Prince Textreme Warrior 100 ESP. After an initial drop in tension, I found this string to settle in nicely and offer a predictable response. I was surprised at how much control ALU Power Vibe offered even into a third week of sitting in the 14x16 string pattern. A downside of this string was it quickly got notched and started to get stuck out of position. As a result, once this string had some wear on it, it didn't feel as spin-friendly as ALU Power, and I also found myself having to straighten the strings regularly."

"ALU Power Vibe held its control well, and it didn't become super springy like some of the softer co-polys I've used," added Michelle. "However, it did notch day one and got stuck out of place. Even though the control remained surprisingly consistent over time, the sawing and notching will require more frequent restringing. Unfortunately, at this price point, I can't say that is going to be easy on the wallet."

Overall - Score: 81


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