New World Best DPS Builds 2023 For PvP & PvE (2023)

If you're looking for the New World best and highest damage build 2023 for invasions, then these are the weapons for you. Today, we are showing you the top 3 best invasion builds for PvP and PvE in New World 2023. The first best New World DPS build is the one and only fire staff and ice gauntlet. The second build is the best healer slash paladin tank build and for the weapons, you won't use the life staff sword with a shield. The last and final build is the greataxe warhammer which is the best tank slash melee DPS build for invasions and it is really good for PVP and even PVE.

New World DPS Build Guide 2023 - Best DPS, Healer & Tank DPS Build In New World

For each and every singleNew World best PvP and PvEDPS build2023, wewill explain what attributes and perks you want to have,then what gems and specific gear you want to use to get out your stats as much damage as possible.Thenwewill show you the best gameplaytips forusing different weapons,so you would know which abilities you want to use first on your enemies.On top of all this,wewill even tell you the best options and dedicated perks that will increase your resistance and damage against the corrupted mobs which you will be fighting in the invasions and much more.

New World Best DPS Build 2023 - Fire Staff

This fire staff and ice gauntlet weapon combination right now are by far the New Worldbest DPS highest damage build that you could have in2023and you can use it for PVP and PVE as well.

Fire Staff Build Attributes

Strength - 5

Dexterity - 5

Intelligence 300

Focus - 5

Constitution - 100

These are the attributes you want to have.First things first,no matter from which level you start using this build,first of all, get your intelligence to 150 or even 200 and then start building your constitution.At the end game always have the straight one ratio.So have intelligence three times more than the constitution.Around level 60,you should have 300 intelligence and 100 constitutions.Lastly for your gear,you want to go with the medium category.

Fire Staff Build Equipment

The best gear setup is to have a medium helmet,heavy chest piece,light gloves,heavy pants, and light boots.This will give you a 22.9-kilogram weight which is exactly just below the heavyweight category.The fire staff and ice gauntlet are getting nerfed by5% but these weapons are still viable.This build is still number one for the highest damage in the entire game.

Fire Staff Build Perks

Moving over to the first weapon which is the fire staff.

New World Best DPS Builds 2023 For PvP & PvE (1)

Movingover to the second weapon which Is the ice gauntlet.

New World Best DPS Builds 2023 For PvP & PvE (2)

Fire Staff Build Abilities

The best way to play this build,so first of all we have the fire staff and the Q ability aka the burnout is the big dash which you can use for mobility or if you hit enemies while dashing. They will take extra burn damage then the Rability is called the pillar of fire.You canuse it on groups of mobs or players,but never in a 1v1.Because it will deal decent damage but you have to stand still for a second while casting the spell.By doing that,you become an easy target to hit.So basically only use the spell against multiple targets.There is a way to cancel the animation by using the spell right away dodging it but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.Lastly, we have the F ability called the fireball which is a very powerful damage spell and it is an aoe spellso you don't have to hit directly an enemy.You can just aim it at the ground where the target is standing on and it will damage him as well.

The second weapon is the ice gauntlet and your Qspell is called the ice storm which all enemies standing in it will get damaged and slowed. The more enemies you hit,the higher damage you will get. Then your R ability is called the ice shover which using will create an ice wall.If mobs go through it,it will stun them.Lastly, our last third ability is basically like an ice block which by using,you put yourself in a block where you cannot take any damage.You can go out of that ice block by pressing the same F key or instead press the left mouse button and make it explode and do even more damage to the enemies.

As far as your ability combinations go for the ice gauntlet when farming mobs or even players.The best spell combination to do is to place the ice storm AKA the Q ability on the ground and then go as blocked by pressing the F ability.

Fire Staff Build Gameplay Tips

Players are mob standing in the storm and will be taking a lot of damage every second.You will be fully protected in the ice block then place the ice shover AKA the ability whenever you want to stun an enemy or run away from him.This will create a wall that the enemy cannot go through.The best way to use them is in choke points like in entrances of the 4th and much more. As far as your fire staff abilities go use the fireball and pilar fire on group top enemies.To run away from enemies or even do more AOE damage,use the burnout ability and dash through them in.Just a simple reminder to only use normal auto attacks and don't bother with heavy attacks.

Fire Staff Build Consumables

If you really want to get maxed out of your damage then for food 40 intelligence food.But if you can't afford it then buy plus 30 or plus 20 intelligence food and then as well don't forget to use honing stones.The best thing you can do isuse their 4 honing stones as they are at a decent price.When using them,you have to have one of your weapons in your hand and not on your back or it will not work.Then use it as any other consumable and this will give you from 5%to 7% more damage depending on which tier you bought.

On top of all this to go from 98%damage possibility to even more hundred or even more on your fire staff and ice gauntlet,you want to have 1or 2 of these perks which are called the keen and give a 10%crit chance then the second perk is called the enchanted and it gives 9% damage to your light or heavy attacks.Lastly, we have the third ability called the wishes and it increases plus 10%critical damage.So if your weapon has one of these perks or even 2 then you significantly increase your DPS.Lastly, on your gear,you want to have the refreshing pillar fire which reduces its ability to cool down by 12%per enemy hit. Then the second ability is called the empowering fireball which makes your fireball ability deal 28%more damage.

For the ice gauntlet,you want to use the malachite gem.Then for your fire staff get the diamond gem.For your gear amulets and everything else,use the onyxgems and that's about it.

New World Best Healer Build 2023 - Sword Build

This build is life staff and sword with shield weapon combination is not meant to deal a lot of damage but instead, it's built to survive a lot of bosses or mobs by yourself and still have the option to help out your teammates and deal a decent amount of damage.right now the healing staff in general and heavy armor are broken and it has way too much resistance and healing output capability.As long as the current meta doesn't change,this is by far the best unkillable tank slash healer buildin New World 2023for every single activity in the game.

Sword Build Stats

Strength - 5

Dexterity - 5

Intelligence - 5

Focus - 250

Constitution - 150

These are the attributes you want to have. First things first if you start fromlevel 0,you want to get your focus to 150 and then start building your constitution. Around level 60,you should have 250 focus and 150 constitutions.

Sword Build Equipment

Last but definitely not least for your gear,you'll want to go with full heavy armor and you have to use the shield as well.

Sword Build Perks

The first weapon is the lifestaffand these are the weapon masteries you want to have.

New World Best DPS Builds 2023 For PvP & PvE (3)

For our second weapon, we have this sword award and these are the weapon masteries you want to have.

New World Best DPS Builds 2023 For PvP & PvE (4)

Sword Build Abilities

For the life staff,your Q ability is called the sacred ground which you have to point and select the area you want to place it in,then cast it for a split second. TheRability is called the lights embrace and it basically works the same way just for a single target.You can heal yourself by holding the control button and activating the spell.Lastly, we have the F ability called the beacon which you can just aim and places a huge circle on the ground.If you target the player you can attach the spell to him specifically,so instead of the circle on the ground,it will be attached to a player making the spell very useful in invasions.

For our second weapon, we have the sword.The first Qspell is called the leaping strike which basically is a damage ability that makes you leap for 6 meters to the enemy.Then the second ability is called the shield rush.The spell makes your character run very fast for 5 meters and if you hit the target while running,he will get knocked back.Then our third ability is called the defiant stance which you can just activate and for the next 8 seconds, your resistance is increased.

Sword Build Gameplay Tips

The actual way to play thisbest New World DPSbuild,it doesn't matter if you are by yourself in the open world or in invasions,your main mission is to stay alive and be killable while still annoying enemies and helping out your teammates with healing.The way you want to play it is first of all use the sword and activate the leaping strike or the shield rush abilities whenever you want to attack the enemy. Always save your defiant stance ability when the maps are about to deal out of damage or if you want to increase your threat level.As far as your healer spell combinations go,it is your own personal preference.But if you can and in the best case scenario always use beaconability first and then the lights embrace the ability and this will increase your healing.If your teammates are grouped up and low health,use the sacral ground.As the light's embrace ability has super low cooldowns,you can basically spam it every 2-3 seconds.

Sword Build Consumables

Lastly for your lifestaff,you want to use the diamond gem.Then for your sword,use the amber gem.Lastly for alpha gear amulets,rings and everything else use the onyxgems.Don't forget to no matter which builds you are using,every single player in the invasion should be using the attribute fought for their class.So for more constitution more intelligence and etc.Most importantly,you have to use the corrupted coatings as well which will give you more damage specifically for invasion mobs and you can use them the same way as any other honing stone or consumable. If you're looking for the New World best tank build 2023 forinvasions for your team,then this is the build for you.

New World Best Tank Build 2023 - Greataxe Build

If you were looking to do massive amounts of damage and still be a tank as a melee player,then this is the build for you.

Strength - 200

Dexterity - 5

Intelligence - 5

Focus - 5

Constitution - 200

These are the attributes you want to have.No matter from which level you start using this build,you, first of all, want to get your strength to 100 or even 150 and then start building your constitution.Around level 60,you should have 200 strengths and 100 constitutions.

Greataxe Build Equipment

For your gear,you want to go again with full heavy armor.But this time the shield is optional.To make your character look better,you can equip it.But if you don't care,then just don't use anyshields.

Greataxe Build Perks

For our first weapon we have the greataxeand these are the weapon masteries you're going to have.

New World Best DPS Builds 2023 For PvP & PvE (5)

The second weapon is the warhammer and these are the weapon masteries you want to have.

New World Best DPS Builds 2023 For PvP & PvE (6)

Greataxe Build Abilities

The best way to play this invasion tankbuildin New World,first things first for your greataxeQ ability,we have the gravity well which you can just aim and shoot.If you hit the target in that electric storm,he will attack damage and get stunned.Then the second ability is called the reap which basically extends your ex for 5 meters.If the enemy is casting the spell you can pull him back and interrupt his attack.Lastly, we have the F ability called the charge and this is another dash ability that will deal damage and give you more mobility.

Let's go straight into the warhammer in the first Qspell is called the clear out.It is a wide swing that knocks back all targets in the 4-meter range.The Rability is called a shockwave and when using the spell,it gives us the ability to slam down the hammer and create a small earthquake.All enemies standing in it will get stunned for 30 seconds.Lastly, we have the F ability called the path of destiny which creates a huge electric wave.All enemies standing in this path will take a bunch of damage.

Greataxe Build Gameplay Tips

The way you want to attack the corrupted is by using your greataxeand then activating the gravity valve.Follow that up with the charge ability then switch to the warhammer and either way, use your shockwave or path of destiny or save it for later.Keep on usingauto attacks plus the block so you do 1or 2 heavy attacks and then block in between.With this build,there is no one best way to use your spells.The most important thing is to know what each ability does and every time a practice you will know what to do in each situation. As there are a lot of mobs with muskets remember to watch out for them.As the tank,don't stand still for too long.

Greataxe Build Consumables

This build has greataxe and warhammer weapon combination right now and is super strong.Like in the first build,you want to use honing stones for extra damage.But this time instead of using intelligence food,you want to use pus for the constitution food.Then the best high-tier gear is the void armor with a resilient perk which will give you 4.8% less crit damage when enemies hit you with a critical hit.For your weapons in the best-case scenario,you again won't have either way more great chance of crit damage or extra damage to light or heavy attacks which we already look into in the previous build.

Lastly for your warhammer and greataxeif you want to do more damage,use the opalgem.For PVE slash if you want to be primarily a tank,then use the carnelian gem.Then to up your gear,get the onyxgems.


What is the highest DPS in the New World? ›

The GS apparently has the highest DPS in the game, but you're really vulnerable when you use it. The rapier also has really high DPS, but most people don't know about it. The Spear/great axe can be used for utility, but they shouldn't be your main source of DPS. The WH can be used in Lazarus, but it's not the best DPS.

What is the strongest build in New World? ›

  • Builds Index.
  • Best Build Ideas.
  • Immortal Warrior – Hatchet / Life Staff.
  • Meta Tank – Sword And Shield / Hatchet.
  • Frost Cleric – Life Staff / Ice Gauntlet.
  • Hunter – Bow / Hatchet.
  • Templar – Spear / Life Staff.
  • Battlemage – Sword And Shield / Fire Staff.

What is considered DPS in New World? ›

DPS (short for Damage per Second) - An offensive role whose main job is dealing damage to enemies. DPS players can be further divided into multiple sub-types, here are the most common: Melee DPS - A role focused primarily on hand-to-hand combat. It forces the player to be close to His/Her target to deal damage to it.

What is the most op weapon in New World? ›

The best weapons in New World are: S-Tier: Hatchet, Life Staff. A-Tier: Fire Staff, Great Axe, Sword and Shield, Void Gauntlet. B-Tier: Ice Gauntlet, Spear, War Hammer.

What is the best combo in New World? ›

New World: The Best Weapon Combos
  • 7/12 Blunderbuss, Rapier (Ranged/Melee DPS)
  • 6/12 Hatchet, Great Axe (Melee DPS)
  • 5/12 Ice Gauntlet, Musket (Ranged DPS)
  • 4/12 Life Staff, Hatchet (Healing)
  • 3/12 Fire Staff, Ice Gauntlet (Ranged DPS)
  • 2/12 Spear, Bow (Ranged/Melee DPS)
  • 1/12 Life Staff, Sword, And Shield (Tank/Healing)
Nov 16, 2022

What is the fastest way to LVL in New World? ›

Fastest New World leveling methods
  1. Complete Town Missions as often as possible. ...
  2. Rest in a settlement to gain the Well Rested XP bonus. ...
  3. Use the most efficient means of travel from place to place. ...
  4. Complete the main quests as soon as possible. ...
  5. Increase your standing in various territories. ...
  6. Pick up every document you find.
Nov 4, 2021

Who is the best sub DPS? ›

Kazuha is arguably the best sub DPS character in all of Genshin Impact thanks to his incredible combination of swirl application and crowd control. Kazuha Slash and Autumn Whirlwind can tear down most enemies all on their own, but adding an elemental infusion pushes it to the next level.

Is great AXE DPS New World? ›

The Great Axe is a DPS/Tank weapon designed to specialize in grouping up enemies and hitting them with its incredibly high damage single target focused attacks. Given the nature of grouping enemies up, it has a number of AoE damage tools. It's a strong PvP weapon with its high damage and absurdly high catch potential.

What is the best PvP AXE in New World? ›

Greataxe and Hatchet is one of the strongest PvP weapon combinations in the game. These weapons together give you everything you need for success in PvP in New World: strong burst, the ability to chase down opponents, crowd control, self healing, CC immunity, a purge, and more!

What weapons are best for solo New World? ›

Weapons. Dexterity-based Hunters would prefer a bow or a musket. For those that depend on Strength, a spear or a hatchet.

What is the best melee DPS weapon New World? ›

Best Melee DPS Build – Hatchet and Great Axe. When it comes to melee-focused DPS, few options out there are as strong as the Hatchet and Great Axe.

What class has the highest DPS? ›

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: 15 Best DPS Classes
  1. 1 Affliction Warlock.
  2. 2 Shadow Priest. ...
  3. 3 Unholy Death Knight. ...
  4. 4 Balance Druid. ...
  5. 5 Marksmanship Hunter. ...
  6. 6 Fire Mage. ...
  7. 7 Fury Warrior. ...
  8. 8 Elemental Shaman. ...
Nov 16, 2022

Is DPS better than damage? ›

DPS = Damage x APS under ideal conditions. The fact that DPS can be lower than Damage is because some weapons attack slower than 1 shot per second. Keep in mind that APS also calculates in reload time.

Is DPS or damage more important? ›

DPS=Dmg/weapon speed and refers to your auto attack dmg. Higher speed weapons, in general, will give you a higher DPS but lower Dmg value. Skill Damage is more important than Auto attack DMG for a high DMG output mage.

What is prioritize strongest weapon? ›

Updated “Prioritize Strongest Weapon” setting

The goal behind this setting is to allow players to traverse quickly with melee equipped and be combat-ready after using an ability or interacting with the Spike, ult orbs, etc.

What is the easiest weapon in New World? ›

Sword and Shield. The very first weapon you'll use in New World, with balanced offense and defense. Focusing on the sword skills lets you become a very capable Melee DPS. Meanwhile, focusing on the Shield side of the tree let's you be one of the premiere Tanks for Party Play.

What is the most powerful weapon in existence? ›

The Tsar Bomba (Russian: Царь-бо́мба) (code name: Ivan or Vanya), also known by the alphanumerical designation "AN602", was a thermonuclear aerial bomb, and the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created and tested.

What is best class in New World? ›

1) The Berserker (Hatchet + Warhammer)

As Strength is the primary scaling attribute for both the Hatchet and the Warhammer, investing in it completely is the best course of action.

What are the best PvP weapons in New World? ›

New World: PvP Weapon Tier List
  • 2 Best Weapons For Open World PvP. Rapier and Fire Staff. Ice Gauntlet and Rapier. Bow and Spear.
  • 1 Best Weapons For Staged PvP. Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet. Sword, Shield, and War Hammer. Great Axe and Hatchet. Life Staff and Ice Gauntlet. Musket And Rapier.
Sep 6, 2022

What is the best AXE weapon in New World? ›

Great Axe Weapon Mastery. There are two Great Axe Weapon Mastery Trees: Reaper and Mauler. Reaper focuses on crowd control and keeping the enemy threat on you and away from allies when in a group. Mauler is all about dealing damage with AoE (area-of-effect) attacks.

What is the best town to start in New World? ›

Everfall is considered the best starting location in the game by many players, thanks to its central location on the map and the abundance of resources you can find there.

How long is max level in New World? ›

You should be able to hit level 60 within 100 hours of gameplay. Brand new to the game and not sure about every mechanic? It could take you anywhere up to 200 hours to hit max level.

How many hours to get to level 60 in New World? ›

How long does it take to level 1-60 New World? Leveling in this game can be a very slow process between quests, gathering, mastering your weapons, and trade skills. There's just so much to take in. It takes between 100 and two hours of playtime to hit max level 60.

Is it good to have 2 main DPS? ›

You should never have two main DPS characters on a team as this will hinder the overall damage output.

What is a main DPS? ›

The Main DPS character in Genshin Impact typically deals lots of damage and is the character that will primarily carry your team in the game. For these reasons, they are on the field most of the time. Tier.

Is Musket good for DPS New World? ›

Muskets dish out great damage, are hit-scan, and can even be used to apply a solid amount of crowd control (referred to as CC). They're very useful in both PVP and for taking on large groups of enemies in the various PvE areas of New World, whether that be grinding quests or completing expeditions.

Do axes or swords do more DPS? ›

An axe does 2 more damage than a sword would. If a diamond sword does 7 damage, then a diamond axe would do 9 damage. To get the most damage, you have to wait a bit more for the cooldown to finish.

What is the best PvE great axe? ›

The best great axe PvE build is the great axe and hatchet build. It's great for both solo and team play, but we think that it's best used alongside a tank to chip away at enemies with your various axes from behind. This gives you automatic critical hits and will heal you with every hit.

Is Iron axe better than diamond axe? ›

Iron and stone axes are stronger than diamond swords in Java Edition.

Is axe better than sword for PvP? ›

Axes can be also used as a melee weapon. They also have a unique property that has a 25% chance of disabling a shield for 5 seconds, making it also useful in PvP. They deal more damage than swords, and a wooden axe has the same damage as a diamond sword.

Which axe is better the forest? ›

The modern axe has a carbon steel head with a fiberglass shaft. It is the best available real axe for tree cutting in the game. When used as a weapon, it deals five bars of damage. The modern axe swings slower than the plane axe, but knocks down cannibals more often than its weaker counterparts.

What is the best tank weapon in New World? ›

Sword and Shield is an excellent weapon choice for Tanking in New World and should be your main hand weapon of choice. You have access to two taunts plus a lot of defensive benefits.

What is the best two handed weapon in New World? ›

The Great Axe is a two-handed tank weapon focuses on slash and devastating melee damage in a combination of basic attacks and active skills. The Great Axe deals damage to multiple enemies, so it provides a good crowd control that makes it perfect for both PvE and PvP.

Who is the best sword DPS? ›

  • Kaeya works great as both DPS and support in Genshin Impact. As a DPS, he currently has the highest Normal Attack scaling among all sword users. ...
  • Albedo is easily one of the best supports in Genshin Impact. ...
  • It's hard to believe that Xingqiu is a 4-Star character in Genshin Impact.
Aug 30, 2022

What is the fastest melee weapon? ›

The Fetid Baghnakhs are the fastest melee weapon in the game.

Is hatchet or Spear better New World? ›

Spear And Hatchet Build. First up, the Hatchet and Spear build. The Hatchet is arguably one of the very best weapons in New World, mostly thanks to its powerful Berserk ability. It pairs nicely with the Spear, giving you backup CC effects and range for when Berserking just isn't enough.

What characters are good for Main DPS? ›

There are many Genshin Impact Characters that make a great Main DPS due to scoring well in these 2 critical stats. Some examples of these Main DPS characters include the below: Critical Damage: Ayaka (Cryo), Ayato (Hydro), Eula (Cryo), Ganyu (Cryo), Hu Tao (Pyro), Keqing (Electro)

What are the best classes for new WoW players? ›

WoW Best Class for Beginners

If you have just started the incredible adventure throughout Azeroth and know nothing about the game and its mechanics, we would recommend trying one of the following classes Druid, Monk, or Paladin. The thing is, there are three roles in the game: Tanks, Healers, and Damage Dealers (DD).

Is DPS damage per second? ›

Damage per second (DPS or dps) is a measure of the damage dealt by a person or group over one second. DPS is a more practical measure of damage output than plain damage, as it allows characters of differing levels and classes to effectively compare their damage output.

What is the best class to play in New World? ›

5 best solo builds in New World
  • 1) The Berserker (Hatchet + Warhammer)
  • 2) The Trapper Zoner (Spear + Musket)
  • 3) The Undying (Hatchet + Life Staff)
  • 4) The Reaper Tank (Great Axe + Hatchet)
  • 5) The Nimble Hunter (Bow + Spear)
  • Note: The article reflects the views of the writer.
Nov 19, 2021

What level should I be for New World PvP? ›

New World PvP: Duels

You can participate in duels as soon as you join a faction and reach level 10, though they can't be initiated inside a settlement or while a war is happening. To start a duel, type '/duel player name' into the chatbox. You can duel solo players or groups, with up to five players on each side.

Does GS matter in PvP New World? ›

GS only increases the power of the perks on the item, so it's really the perks that matter.

Is musket or bow better for PvP New World? ›

New World's Musket is one of the best PvP weapons in the game, as long as you can hit your shots. The weapon is practically hitscan, which means there is no bullet drop. It's definitely preferred in PvP over PvE, even if the current meta is more Bow heavy rather than the Musket.

What weapons are best for solo play New World? ›

Void gauntlet and hatchet are the two weapons strong enough to be used alone, without ever weapon swapping if that's your thing. Melee options do tend to be a little better for solo play overall, but ranged is still viable.

Does enabling PvP give more XP New World? ›

Having PvP enabled, also called flagging for PvP, comes with a 5% XP perk. This is a nice way to help players level up quickly, however, it also makes lower-level adventurers very susceptible to dying at the hands of a high-level enemy.

What level should I stop for PvP? ›

Depends where you want to do PvP. 70-80 is ideal for most of the fun areas, but if you want to go to endgame areas you can to level up to 150.

Does PvP give more XP New World? ›

When PvP is active, players will net 10% more EXP when out roaming. Another benefit to flagging yourself for PvP is the increased weapon mastery EXP you gain when killing other flagged players. The amount of Weapon Mastery EXP you gain from killing them is based off how long they've been flagged for PvP .

Is New World worth it for PVE players? ›

New World is worth playing in 2022, although that recommendation comes with some caveats. If you didn't enjoy the combat at launch, not much has changed. It's still very action-based, and you can only slot a few skills at a time — making it much different from other MMOs that give you a gigantic skillbar.

Is there a best faction in New World? ›

Even though the Syndicate is the most popular faction in New World, all factions have similar designs and offer the same benefits to its players. You technically won't be at a disadvantage if you choose a specific faction over the other.


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