Tears of the Kingdom | The Heroines' Secret Quest Guide (All Stelae Locations) (2023)

There’s plenty for you to do inThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdomfrom exploring to fighting to crafting dangerous machines of war with your Ultrahand. One of the most common things you’ll be partaking in as you cross Hyrule is helping those in need with various quests or errands. It may be as small as getting a specific NPC a certain fruit or item they need, or as large as a massive quest to recover lost Hyrule history from the Sky Islands. You never really know what you’re going to get into when you accept them and the same is true of one of the Seven Heroines’ Secret, the start of a small quest chain in the Gerudo Desert.

The Seven Heroines’ Secret is a quest that Link can accept once he has made it inside Gerudo Town in the Gerudo Desert. An archaeologist asks for your aid in locating several Stelae, slabs of stone inscribed with text from a distant past, so she can unearth the truth of the Seven Heroines. All of the Stelae are within the bunker under the palace but knowing exactly where to find them can prove troublesome.

Here’s where to find all 4 of the Stelae required for the Seven Heroines’ Secret quest inThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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How to Start The Seven Heroines’ Secret

To start The Seven Heroines’ Secret, you need to make it inside of Gerudo Town, first. This oasis town is home to the Gerudo and is found in the very southwest of Hyrule in the Gerudo Desert. When you first visit here, you’ll notice that the entire area is covered in a thick sand shroud, making navigation far more difficult.

Your troubles won’t end once you’ve made it into town, either. The entire place seems to have been abandoned, with destroyed shop fronts and piles of sand littering the entire town. It’s quite creepy, to be honest, and things will only get worse as you encounter the Gibdo.

What you need to do here is make your way underneath the palace into a safety bunker the Gerudo are currently using. There are multiple methods into this chamber, such as entering the waterways below Gerudo Town, but the easiest method involves heading to the palace itself. Right behind the throne is a massive statue of a Sand Seal and, with the aid of Ultrahand, you can shove it aside and jump down the newly created hole into the bunker.

After a short cutscene and a handy save from Riju’s second-in-command, you’ll be free to wander the bunker. This is where you can accept The Seven Heroines’ Secret from a Gerudo archaeologist in the main area of the bunker. Talking to her and agreeing to help her locate the missing Stelae will start the quest.

Quest Location on the Map
Quest Start Location

All Stelae Locations

In total, there are 4 Stelae that you need to find in Tears of the Kingdom. All 4 of them are within the Gerudo Town bunker and are within easy walking distance. Once you’ve found a Stelae, you need to take a picture of it with your Pura Pad Camera tool: you can then take it back to Rotana to progress the quest.

While all of the Stelae are in the bunker, finding them all can be a bit tricky. Some are simply laying out in the open, waiting for you to snap a quick picture of them. Meanwhile, some others are hidden in locked rooms or in areas that can only be accessed at certain times. We’ll be sure to mention exactly how to get each Stelae inTotKand what preparations you need to make.

So, where can you find all 4 Stelae in Tears of the Kingdom?

Finding the Stelae

Stelae 1

The first Stelae is ridiculous close to the quest’s starting point. From where you talk to Rotena, simply head straight towards where other Gerudo are training against some dummies: there’s a stream of water from the main room that will tell you you’re heading in the right direction.

Once you’re in that room, look to the left and the first Stelae will be waiting for you. Snap a picture and take it back to Rotena to knock one Stelae off the list.

The First Stelae

Stelae 2

The next Stelae will require you to visit the Gerudo Town jail. You’ll also be using your Ascent abilities so make sure to have that handy.

From Rotana’s starting position, head to the right of the bunker. This is where the jail is, as well as the sleeping quarters and the bar. While our goal is the jail, instead head into the bar: if you try getting into the jail, the Gerudo at the door will simply shoo you away and tell you not to cause trouble.

The Gerudo Bar

The reason why you need to go into the bar is that, on one of the walls, there’s a hole being covered by some pots. You can easily squeeze past these (or simply break them) to make it to the other side. One of the women drinking in the bar will talk about how she constantly can hear the voe in jail from where she is, giving you a slight hint of what to do next.

Once you’re in the secret room next to the bar, use Ascent to up through the floor. This will take you into the jail without ever having to open the door. You can speak to the other male Hylian here if you wish, but your main goal is the Stelae which will be against the back wall. Take a picture and then use Ascent again to escape prison and return to Rotana.

The Second Stelae

Stelae 3

The third Stelae in Tears of the Kingdom is pretty easy to find, especially if you’re following the main path for the Riju of Gerudo Town main quest. Still, chuck on your Ultrahand ability as you’ll need it to repair the Stelae.

From where Rotana is standing, head down the left path this time. You’ll pass a Voe and Me class in session before ending up in a large chamber. Take the left path again and you’ll enter a tight corridor on your way to the Valley of Silent Statues.

Before heading there, though, you should see the Stelae in this corridor… well, most of the Stelae. The Stelae is, unfortunately, broken. Worry not, as your Ultrahand can pluck the other piece of the Stelae from the nearby sand pile: once you’ve got it, simply snap it back into place and you can take a picture of the third Stelae.

The Third Stelae

Stelae 4

The final Stelae is down the same path as the third. However, unlike the other three, you’ll need to come here at a certain time to snap the picture. Before heading here, make sure you’re in the evening hours, so anything past 17:00. If you don’t want to wait around, head to sleeping quarters and you can pay to sleep until past sunset for 20 Rupees.

Once you’ve woken up from your nap, head back down the left path next to Rotana’s starting position. Remember that Voe and Me class I mentioned before? Well, you’ll have to enter the classroom to get to the final Stelae. If you try to come here during the day, the teacher won’t let you in as the class is intended for children only. At night, though, you can come and go as you please.

The Stelae in the classroom is like the third one, broken into two pieces. Unlike that Stelae, though, you cannot use Ultrahand to fix this one. Instead, you need to stand in the correct position and line up your camera to make the Stelae whole again. Do that and the final Stelae picture is yours.

The Fourth Stelae

Now that you’ve found all 4 Stelae, return to Rotana. She’llgive you a small reward for helping her out. This will also begin the next quest in this chain – The Mysterious Eighth– which is much more lucrative and very worthy of your time. You can find our guide for the Mysterious Eighth quest, and where to find all the Gerudo Orbs, here.

That was how to find all of the Stelae for theSeven Heroine’s Secret quest inThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


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